Afternoon Dive

Puerto Plata, Dominican Republic

AfternoonDiveNot a morning person? Want to sleep in? As they say here in the tropics… No Problem! Just like the morning dive, we will repeat the schedule for those “Late Bloomers.” Afternoons 
are great for doing a course or simply just a “fun dive.” It is also a great time to try a dive to get you in the water to see “what lies beneath.” Just want to check things out from above? Grab your snorkel and join the fun! Please note… Must have a minimum of six for an afternoon session

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What we can see: Butterfly fish, various smaller groupers, snappers, anemones, cleaner shrimps and crabs, soft and hard corals! We also have sea snakes, manta ray, eagle ray, parrot fish, morays, lion fish, scorpion fish, reef lobsters, octopi, squid and much more!