Morning Dive

Puerto Plata, Dominican Republic

Morning Dive 2The sea is calm. The temperatures are comfortable. You have awoken to a nice sunrise over the Horizon of a beautiful beach. Picture Perfect!! In the Morning we have something for everyone! Want to do a course? We offer The DSD or “discovery course” to get you familiar with “what lies beneath” and the sport of Scuba! We also offer a wide variety of “specialty Courses” as well as Open water, Advanced open Water, Rescue, and many others. Just want to go have some fun? How about a wall Dive at the Airport wall? Or a shallow Dive at Three Rocks? How about a Deep Dive on the “Zingara” ship wreck (36M)? Want to join in the fun and just “Cruise above”? Grab your snorkel and join us!

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What we can see: Butterfly fish, various smaller groupers, snappers, anemones, cleaner shrimps and crabs, soft and hard corals! We also have sea snakes, manta ray, eagle ray, parrot fish, morays, lion fish, scorpion fish, reef lobsters, octopi, squid and much more!